Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching Up...

Well, lots has gone on in the past months so I better get started....

We went to Santa Fe in February and had the best time skiing. The twins really did well and I'm proud to say that I wasn't too shabby myself. Of course, GE is basically a pro compared to me and truth be are Mad and Mac. But I've decided to try really hard to become a better skier. I think we could possibly make Santa Fe our yearly winter vacation. Well, if we were the Rockefeller's and had an every year winter vacation spot...but maybe an occasional winter vacation spot...

We went to Santa Fe a day earlier than we had anticipated and stayed downtown at a really quaint hotel. The kids absolutely love staying in hotels. We could probably stay at our local La Quinta and they really wouldn't know the difference. Although the food in Santa Fe was AMAZING, just as I had expected. I'm thinking anything with a yummy green chile on it is muy bueno in my book..

The twins actually skied two days and the other days we spent wearing them out around beautiful Santa Fe. We've experienced a few truths in just about every town we visit; almost every Children's Musuem is fantastic and if you drive around long enough you can find rice and beans for Mad. That kid loves some beans..can't say that I blame him.

We had been home almost no time and it was time to see ELMO... We went last year and the twins absolutely loved it....Elmo and all of his peeps make my kids smile. They loved it just as much this year. We sat pretty close..which is the ticket when you're trying to get a couple of 3 1/2 year olds to pay attention and they were just mesmerized by all the activity and excitement. I also helps to have Big Bird come over the loud speaker every now and then and pretty much warn you when things are going to happen and to stay in your seat. This year Mad and Mac's cousin Lo went and she was also amazed by Elmo...It was just as much fun watching her as it was watching my own two. The kids got to shake Grover's hand and Grammy got them a toy to round out the day. Wahoo Grammy...she knows how to win the grandbabies over!!

Before the Big SHOW

Huh?? What did Big Bird say??

Pretty excited about Grover's handshake..

Yea!!! for Grover!!!

Watching with my cousin Lo.

Me showing off Mac's piggies!!!

and then......
We went to Arkansas to visit some friends....We had the best time visiting with old and new friends. We spent our 1st night in Little Rock and Mad and Mac made a really quick friend in Madi....Amazing how a 12 year old can speak right to their hearts. It's also amazing to us that our twins are so facinated with older kids. It always seems to crack us up. Mac thought Madi was the best thing since peanut butter toast!! She just loved her. They did tell me later that Santa Clause was locked in the attic so I'm a little curious as to what they were "really" doing upstairs. We got to do LOTS of animaly (is that a word) things while in Arkansas. We went to the Little Rock zoo and did lots and lots of fishing...real and pretend. We sure do miss our friends in AR. It was such a joy to get to see all of them....

and all the twins can say is "Watch out Grandpa, we think we can out fish you now!"

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